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Women With Low Ovarian Reserve Can Also Conceive

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A woman's prime reproductive years are in her 20s. Fertility gradually declines in the 30s, particularly after age 35. A healthy, fertile 30-year-old woman has a 20 per cent chance of conceiving. The fertility potential of a woman is determined by the number and quality of the primordial follicles, remaining in the ovary referred to as the ovarian reserve. Low ovarian reserve is one of the causes of female infertility .


Patients with low ovarian reserve can opt for IVFICSI as a treatment option. But a lot depends on oocytes and embryo quality of the patient. Patients with poor oocytes quality also opt for donor egg cy cle as an alternative option for better results.

Here's a success story from Surya Infertility Centre of a couple aged 33. When Mrs S and Mr K were unable to conceive even after three years of married life, they checked their options for fertility treatments. They underwent two cycles of Intra Uterine In semination (IUI) but with no positive outcome.

An initial ultrasound detected low ovarian reserve in Mrs S. Considering her age, she was advised some hormone tests to assess the ovarian reserve along with other necessary investi gations.

Then the couple were of fered treatment options of IVF ICSI and donor egg IVF cycle.

After a detailed discussion, the couple opted to undergo the treatment of IVFICSI with her own eggs. Six weeks prior to the IVF treatment, the clinic advised medication to improve the ovarian reserve. The doctors retrieved two oocytes out of which only one fertilised and was transferred on third day of egg pickup. Post embryo transfer she was put on hormonal support and after 15 days, a pregnancy test was done and it was positive.


Women who wish to delay childbearing until their late 30s may consider methods of fertility preservation such as freezing of embryos after IVF and freezing eggs for later use. Egg freezing for preservation of fertility is a new technology that shows promise for success, however those interested in elective egg freezing should keep in mind that increasing age plays a role here as well.

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