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IVF stands for?

In Vitro Fertilization

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Who Needs IVF Treatment?

Married couple who are facing difficulty in natural pregnancy. The problem can be solve for both Male and Female partners.

What are the factors needs to consider before going for IVF Treatment?

  • Are you ready – emotionally and physically?
  • Age matters
  • IVF Treatment may need 2-3 cycles to Conceive
  • Bit Cost effective
  • There are some more IVF Treatments too available to Conceive
  • It’s Time Consuming  

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What is the Success Rage of Female Partners (Based on Age)?

The success rate is completely depends on Female partners AGE. Also some studies are revealed the success % related to Age.

  • Forty One to Forty Three – for Woman under Thirty Five
  • Thirty Three to Thirty Six – for Woman under Thirty Five to Thirty Seven
  • Twenty Three to Twenty Seven – for Woman under Thirty Eight to Forty
  • Thirteen to Eighteen – for Woman over Forty

First things first, as married couples should share their problem very clearly because the IVF Specialist then only give them the right treatment without going for other treatments.

Dr Sunitha Ilinani is an IVF Specilist in Hyderabad, Also Managing Director of “Surya Fertility Centre” which is located in Banjara Hills & Kondapur Hyderabad. Dr Sunitha has 15 Plus years’ experience in Infertility.


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